Monday, February 18, 2008

Not Quite How We Planned

Sorry for the long hiatas everyone. School work and other activities have taken up much of my time. Hopefully I can become more consistent but with the load I've taken this semester it might be hard.
With that out of the way lets get down to some business.
Well this season hasn't gone how we might have hoped. Our high expectations comming into this season have been ripped to shreads and our NCAA hopes continue to diminish with each squandered opportunity. Our beloved Wolfpack can't seem to put an entire game together. Costner seems frustrated and has become a footnote on the pages of the 2008 season which reads, "refer to last season." Our point guard play which held out team together last season is tearing our team apart this season.
On the other hand Hickson is comming off a 23 board night and looks like a real superstar. Hopefully he'll see that he needs at least one more year to increase his draft status.
Despite the fact that were not where we want to be lets not throw in the towel just yet. We still have time. We still have an opportunity.
UNC, Duke, Virginia, Wake and FSU all remain on the schedule. If we can manage to pull at least 4 victories in our remaining 5 games we might have a good shot. Especially if we can beat both UNC and Duke. A good showing at the ACC tournament and we could be a strong contender.
But can we do it? Everyone has known that to beat Duke you have to go low, get them into foul trouble and have a little luck with them having an off shoting night But no one was able to do that until Wake. Maybe we can show the same strength.
UNC has won without star point guard Ty Lawson but has looked shaky and ripe for the picking. With a packed house and vocal coards well lubricated, Wednesday could prove to be a repeat of last years stunning upset.
Other than UNC and Duke we have beaten FSU and Wake. Virginia is scary but definately beatable.
Hold on Wolfpack fans. This season is not over. Gavin Grant won't end his career quietly. We have a chance.