Monday, January 21, 2008

Concerning The Shout Heard Round The World

If you have been paying any attention to other fan sites like SFN or Tar Heel Fan you have no doubt read and/or heard the comment one Carolina fan directed towards the Maryland men's basketball team. If this is your first time hearing about this incident you can go here,, and listen for the remark your self.

While the Maryland team is celebrating their unexpected victory at center court of the Dean Dome, one Carolina fan can clearly be heard shouting' "Go back to the ghetto!!"

This poor use of words has created quite the buzz on the Internet. Articles criticizing the statement can be viewed at and Meanwhile UNC fans like THF,, beg for others to understand that not every smurf fan is as stupid as the one heard screaming this comment.

My Take- The comment that can be heard following the game is disgusting. To berate anyone with comments that insult thier economic, and possibly their ethnic background is vile and shows that you have no class.

Lets be honest. Yes this does reflect poorly upon the entire UNC fan base. From now on people who have taken notice of this situation will probably associate UNC fans with privileged white kids who see themselves as better people than everyone else.

But I myself have observed "NC State fans" make similar comments. My friends at UNC say they hear Duke fans make comments like this as well. This is not just a UNC problem. Every fan base has stupid people who make stupid comments. It is our job as sane, well mannered fans to show class and set an example for future die hard NC State fans that these idiots and their comments should not be tolerated.

So next time you hear an idiot from either fan base make a comment similar to the one heard on the video, let them know that they need to get a clue and show some class.


Bstone said...

First of all, at no point did we call "all Carolina fans racist", or whatever your quote was. And you should work on using hyperlinks to reference your sources. Makes the story look much cleaner.

Brickyard said...
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Brickyard said...

Bstone is right. I misrepresented his story I referred to in my article. I have changed it. As for the hyperlink advice, thankyou. I am still trying to work out some kinds and any advice is always welcome.

Bstone said...

If you're using the basic blogger setup, you should be able to just highlight a word and click the link button and paste it there.

Otherwise, the html code is words you want highlighted

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