Monday, January 14, 2008

The Massacre at the Hill

Sunday was a dark day for Wolfpack fans. Personally I don't know where to begin. A total of 13 points in the first half, 18 missed shots, 10 minute scoring drought, 17% from the field in the first half. From what I can see, and what most other NCSU fans are noticing, is a total lack of chemistry. It appears Grant, Costner, McCauley, Hickson, Fells, Horner and all other players just don't like playing with each other or for each other.

On the other hand UNC's chemistry was in full view. Ty Lawson hustled up and down the court setting up other players who were working for him and for others wearing that hideous shade of blue.

The second half went as well as I could have hoped for considering the circumstances. The Wolfpack knocked down 49 points as Roy kept his starters on the court for most of the half. In all seriousness it looked as if Hansborough and Green were out there scrimmaging during the last 20 minutes.

NC State got embarrassed and now this team has to face a harsh reality. They're not that good. Coach Lowe has his work cut out as he has the difficult, but defiantly possible, task of turning this incohesive glob of pure talent into an ACC contender. NC State wont have much time to turn it around though as they travel to Clemson to take on a Tiger team that should have beat the smurfs.

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