Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. Hope everybody's holiday season goes well.

State Wins But Loses Degand For Year

Brandon Costner finally had a break out game and led the NC State Wolfpack to an 85-77 victory over Cincinnati. Costner finished the game with 20 points and 6 rebounds while going 4-6 from beyond the arc. State was in control for most of the game, only trailing for 28 seconds in the early minutes of the opening half. As usual this season the Wolfpack did not dominate the whole game and allowed the Bearcats to 3 with a little under 5 minutes remaining in the game. However, State was able to fend of the Cincinnati comeback by going down low to Hickson and Grant down the stretch. Grant added 15 points while Hickson and Fells each totaled 14 points in State's win. State shot 51.2% for the game and out rebounded the Bearcats 27-26.

This victory did not come without a cost. Farnold Degand, NC State's starting point guard this season tore his ACL and will require surgery. Farnold started every game for the Wolfpack this year and started to put in some strong performances as of late. This injury probably means we might finally get to see Tennessee transfer Marques Johnson.

My Take- As if we didn't have enough problems at the point guard position already! I hope Farnold is able to come back 100% next year. Having already red shirted last season it must be unbearable having to sit out the majority of this season as well. Hopefully all will go well with his surgery and he won't have any problems in the future and will be able to finish out his career at NC State on a high note. Overall I was glad Costner finally broke out of his shell and dominated a game. It will be nice to have him back to his regular form. Now comes the big question, is Javier ready to lead this team, will Johnson have a significant impact, or will State's point guard problems be their downfall this season?

Friday, December 21, 2007

State Squeaks By As Grant Proves To Be Clutch Again

There's no other way of putting it. We got lucky. State trailed by one point with 14:30 left in the game after Stephan Curry hit a three point shot with 43 seconds left. Once again NC State was on the losing end of tight game. There was no hope. Grant put up a shot, McCauley put up a shot, both missed. Then Gavin Grant reached up, got another rebound, put up another shot, and missed. My heat sank for the third time in as many seconds. Then for the second time this season I heard a whistle with less that five seconds remaining in a game. Gavin Grant would have two chances. One would tie the game. Two would win the game.

Gavin Grant, cool as the other side of the pillow, hit both, and with 3.9 second remaining. A last second attempt from Stephan Curry fell short. State won.

I can't emphasize this enough this enough to other state fans. This was a good win. Davidson is a good team. This is a team that should have beaten UNC. This is a team that pushed Duke to the brinks.

In all honesty, I thought State would lose this game. Davidson is a tough team that plays all 40 minutes. Stephen Curry is only a sophomore but has proven to be an excellent player who is deadly from beyond the arc. In this game alone he hit 7 three point attempts. He finished with 29 points overall and a steal.

Remember though, State did lead for the majority of the game. Our ability to finish out a game was the only factor that kept Davidson in it. Grant finished with 15 points and McCauley finished with 11 points in 21 minutes. State out rebounded Davidson 34-22 and hit 44% their shots.

Bottom line- State is a better team than Davidson. We hit only 28% of out outside shots (i expect this to get better throughout the season) and still managed to prevail over a team that hit 40% from beyond the arc. Costner looked better shooting wise in this game but his 4 turnovers means he still has a lot of room for improvement. Grant is the heart beat of this team. As he goes, the rest of the team goes. He is a senior who is taking advantage of every opportunity he is given. His hard work has lead him to become the leader of this team. Hickson had a good game but still needs fine tuning. McCauley where have you been all this season! McCauley seems to be filling into his roll of coming off the bench. I know he isn't happy with his roll but I appreciate with how he has gradually accepted his roll and made the most of his opportunities. I would have no problem with him starting instead of Hickson if he continues to work hard and prove how good he can be.

This game can be interpreted two ways. One- Duke and UNC didn't have as difficult a time with Davidson as we did. Sure they were close and needed closing minute heroics to pull out wins but we needed a last second foul to give us the win. Two- We're close to UNC and Duke. They beat them, we beat them. This is the only team all three triangle teams have played up to this point and all three have beaten them. We have the talent, we just need to start playing together and buy into the team concept Coach Lowe is trying to convey.
PS- please leave comments, your ideas help spark ideas in other wolfpack fans mind's.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

While I Was Away

Its been a while since I've posted an article. Exams, traveling and relaxing have taken up all my time the past couple weeks. Not to much has happened in the NC State sporting world since my last post but I will try to give my take on the few things that have occurred.

First of all a big thanks goes out to my roommate, Jason Lee, for designing the hew header at the top of the page. Jason is an experienced web designer who has designed web sites for multiple clients. His work can be found at

The NC State basketball team is preparing to play the Davidson Wildcats on Friday. Davidson comes into this game with a record of 4-5 (2-0). Two of the Wildcats' losses have come to the Tar Heels and the Blue Devils. Davidson played Carolina tight losing 72-68 while shooting 38.8% from the field. Duke beat the Wildcats by 6 in a 79-73 loss relying on Gerarld Henderson's 21 points. Davidson is known for their aggressive play and hard work. Their main play maker is sophomore Stephen Curry who averages 24.1 points and 3.2 assists per game. Curry is shooting an astonishing 41.9% from three point range. Despite playing UNC and Duke so well Davidson has lost to UNC Charlotte and Western Michigan this year. Despite these disappointing losses I still feel NC State is going to need to finally put together a 40 minute complete game and get better results from their outside shooters to put Davidson away. This is a scary game for the Wolfpack. With their up and down play early in this season I have a feeling were going to need our best performance of the season to win this game.

This Friday's game against Davidson will also mark the first game Sophomore Marques Johnson will be eligible to play. Johnson is a transfer from Tennessee who sat out last year due to NCAA regulations. Coach Lowe has not ruled out the possibility of playing Johnson against the Wildcats but I don't think we'll get to see much of NC States newest addition unless we start to pull away.

Finally, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Dewey Corn this weekend. Most of you might not be aware of who Mr. Corn is but I'll fill you in on a little of what I found out about him. Mr. Corn is a friendly gentleman who graduated from NC State and is a member of the Wolfpack Club. What separates Mr. Corn from other Wolfpack fans I have met in the past is the fact that he has not missed a single NC State football game, home or away, in 32 years. This kind man drives to home and away games every Saturday during the fall in order to watch the Wolfpack. I hope to interview Mr. Corn in the future and post my conversation with him for all Wolfpack fans to read.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

NC State Wins 74-49

Size was the determining factor in NC State's dominating win today. State had 7 blocked shots and out rebounded SC State 43-32 to get its first win since the final of the Old Spice Classic over Villanova. The Wolfpack's inside game had its way with SC State but the Wolfpack continued to struggle with their outside game only hitting 2 of their 14 three point attempts. After the game coach Lowe commented that NC State still needed to put a 40 minute game together and soon with Davidson coming to Raleigh next Friday.

Overall I felt the Wolfpack played well. Except for about a five minute stretch midway through the second half NC State controlled the tempo had an easy time getting the ball down low. The Pack is still making too many lazy passes and mental errors to be a serious contender for the ACC regular season title but they did play with much more intensity than they have shown in their past two games.

Star of the Game- Gavin Grant. 23 points, 7 rebounds and two assists. When Grant was on the floor State seemed to want the game more. He pushed the game's tempo and had a lot of success driving the ball in the lane. He missed some free throws down the stretch but his Kobe-esque 360 up and under lay up made up for any bad plays he might have had tonight.

NC State's defense was outstanding tonight. The Wolfpack's towering height allowed them to contest or block almost all of SC States shots. Farnold and Gavin played tight defense and Hickson grabbed 8 rebounds as NC State held the Bulldogs to 29.7% from the field.

NC State still needs to improve its outside shooting. Only going 2-14 from the field is pretty disappointing and if we wanna compete against the likes of Duke and Carolina we need to have options outside of Hickson and McCauley inside. Finally, Costner needs to improve. He did grab 7 rebounds but he's a shadow of that spectacular player we saw in the ACC tournament last year. We know what he's capable of and I'm sure Coach Lowe will have hem back to normal soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's exam time and for me that means sitting around all day trying to find things to do other than study. Luckily for me I found a cool time waster on In assistance with accuscore, ESPN has developed a program that lets you simulate your own NCAA football playoff. Accusccore has used a computer program using up to date statistics to simulate each possible game within this make up playoff bracket 10,000 times. You can choose to use the current BCS standings to seat your teams or customize your bracket to give you the matchups you would like to see. This cool program only reinforces how amazing a college football playoff would be.

Petrino to Arkansas

Bobby Petrino has resigned his post as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons to take the head coaching job at Arkansas. Petrino signed a 5 year $24 million contract with the Falcons last year and ten games into that contract he has jumped ship to Fayetteville. This is not the first time Petrino has left a team one year into a multi year contract. In 2006 Petrino signed a 10 year contract with Louisville but left the following year to take the Falcons job.

In his final year at Louisville, Petrino's Cardinals had the second best offense in the nation averaging over 475 yards a game and 35 points. He lead the Cardinals to a Big East Championship and an Orange Bowl victory over Wake Forest.

My take. Arkansas is getting a very good coach. Petrino has shown himself to be a great recruiter who can get the most out of his prospects. Expect Arkansas to finish higher in the SEC West next year especially if McFadden and Felix Jones stick around. Watch out though. Petrino has proven to be a man who will skip town if he sees a better opportunity.

P.S. To bad, looks like Butch won't be leaving UNC afterall.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Just Disappointing

The hype that surrounded this team during the preseason seems to be gone. If Gavin Grant's prediction that NC State will lose a max four games this year, he better get himself and his teammates to start playing better basketball. I'm not sure if the problem is the lack of an experienced point guard, finding a good starting line up and rotation, or they just got to comfortable with everyone saying they're a top 3 ACC team. Whatever the problem is I hope Sidney Lowe can turn things around soon. Before I start saying our season is over already lets remember we did win the Old Spice Classic so we know we have some talent. But until we start to play like we care all the time I'm gonna be a bit worried about how far this team can really go. Section Six has some good numbers on the game.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Heisman Race

The Downtown Athletic Club will be presenting its Heisman Trophy to the "best" player in college football tonight. Four finalists have been selected and flown into NYC for the ceremony. This years race is so intriguing for a few reasons. First, there is no clear cut winner. We can narrow it down to four guys but once you get there it gets a little dicey. Second, the leading candidate in many peoples mind is an underclassman on a three loss team. This is how I think they'll should finish up.

4. Chase Daniel. Great player. Definitely deserves to be considered. He completed 70% of his passes and threw for 4170 yards. He had 33 touch downs and 10 picks. He had a passing rating of 151 and only lost to one team. But he lost to them once. And when your competition in this race is two other unbelievable quarterbacks your gonna need to have to do something amazing to separate you from the pack and Chase just doesn't have that. He's a great player who I would love to have on my team. But he's not gonna be the winner.

3. Darren McFadden. He could be the best player in college football. He rushed for 1725 yards and had 15 rushing touchdowns. He averaged over five yards a carry and ran for 143 yards a game. Who can forget his amazing performance against LSU. He rushed for 3 touchdowns and threw one. But at the same time how can you forget what he did against Auburn, Florida International and Mississippi State. In each of those games he was held under 90 yards and against Auburn he only mustered 43 yards. Maybe teams were piling players in the box but a Heisman winner should do better against his weaker opponents.

2. Tim Tebow. Amazing season. 68% pass completion, 29 touchdowns, only 6 picks! That doesn't include his rushing stats. 838 yards rushing, over 4 yards an attempt, 22 touchdowns, NO FUMBLES. He's an amazing player who deserves all the praise he getting. Most would say he's the front runner going into tonight's event. Here's my problem: He lost three games. When trying to find a Heisman trophy winner I think one of the most important factors is how well did your team do. I realize a great player can be on a not so great team and get great stats that blow away others. But the object of the game is to win, and if you don't win games while others in the Heisman race do I can't justify giving you the award. Tebow is an amazing player who is going to be scary good next year. They might as well give him next years Heisman tonight.

1. Colt Brennan. 71% pass completion, 4174 yards passing, 38 passing touchdowns, 8 rushing touchdowns and 380 passing yards a game. Who is more valuable to their team. If Hawaii didn't have Colt they wouldn't be anywhere near where they are now. Last season Brennan threw 58 touchdowns which is more than Tebow combined for this season. Let's not forget Brennan's most important stat, 0 losses. As in zip, nada, zilch. In a season where so many great teams had bad games and lost, when Hawaii had a bad game they won. They won because Colt Brennan picked apart opposing teams defences. There were a couple times this season when Hawaii looked down for the count. Down 21-0 to Washington in the last regular season game Brennan rallied his troops and came up with the win. The only knock I have heard about Brennan is his lack of schedule. Granted that's an important factor when deciding who gets to go to a BCS bowl game (cough, Kansas, cough), but Brennan could have performed like McFadden against Florida International or Mississippi State. The fact is he did what he had to do to win his games. And he put up some astounding numbers doing it.

So there's my take on how this years Heisman race should go down. In a few hours all this speculation will mean nothing and well know the winner. But until then lets debate.
P.S.- Where's Kevin Smith out of UCF. Not only did he pound the Wolfpack rushing defence but he's about to break Barry Sanders single season rushing mark. He should definitely be on the list.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Georgia Tech Signs Paul Johnson

Navy head coach Paul Johnson has decided to leave Annapolis for Atlanta. Johnson was introduced as the Yellow Jackets head coach at a press conference earlier today. Navy AD Ched Gladchuk had this to say about Johnson's departure,

"Paul is fixated on what Paul wants to do and that's the next step and new challenges at Georgia Tech," Gladchuck said. "We appreciate what Paul has done and we'll always remember him as one of the great coaches in Navy history. But we're very respectful of his wishes for new challenges at Georgia Tech."

During his time at Navy Johnson amassed a 45-29 record and turned a struggling program that into one of the top offences in the land. One main factor that might have taken Johnson to Georgia is that he started his coaching career at Georgia Southern collecting two national championships during his tenure there.

My take: Watch out. Johnson is a top rate coach who uses what he has to work with to create dangerous offensive threats. I'm happy a coach of his caliber has come to the ACC but nervous he might be able to pull together a top rate team.

Meeting Sidney

So instead of studying for my sociology final tomorrow my roommate and I decided to head to Sammy's to watch the Redskins Bears game. We shared a few brewskies and had some chips as we watched the game on the big screen t.v.s which consumed our attention. After quenching my thirst I headed to the restroom. As I was leaving the restroom I opened the door and caught a glimpse of a familiar face. I did a quick double take to confirm my suspicions. It was in fact the head coach of the NC State basketball team Sidney Lowe! I stood in the threshold contemplating whether or not to say anything to the leader of the pack. After several moments I said, "Good luck this season Mr. Lowe." Coach Lowe turned to me and said, "Thank you, appreciate it." I then ran a 4.25 forty back to our booth to tell my roommate that I had just met Sidney Lowe. I guess when you want to meet an NC State celebrity, blow off studying and head to the restroom at Sammy's.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scratch That: Grobe Staying In Winston-Salem

Jim Grobe has decided to decline the offer from Arkansas and remain the head coach at Wake Forest. Apparently after meeting with WFU athletic director Ron Wellman late last night Grobe decided he was happy to stay at Wake Forest. No word has come out of Fayetteville concerning this sudden change of heart but Wellman has told several sources that Grobe will be staying and he is happy to do so.

Grobe to Arkansas

It appears Jim Grobe, the coach of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, is leaving the comforts of Winston Salem to take the Arkansas job. According to the Sports Illustrated:

"A University of Arkansas private fundraising arm approved a salary supplement Wednesday for Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe, a strong indication that Grobe will replace Houston Nutt as the Razorbacks' coach."

Neither party would confirm if Grobe has taken the deal and with the way Arkansas handled the hiring of their basketball coach last year who could blame them. According to ESPN it is likely that Grobe will be announced Thursday as the new head coach of the Razorbacks.

Personally I'm sad to see Grobe leave the Deacons. As much as I have hated losing to Wake Forest the past three seasons I also hate it when a good coach leaves the ACC. It was nice to see the level of overall play in the ACC rise the past couple of seasons. But now its time to start speculating who will take over a talented Wake Forest team that has been red shirting most of their prospects.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Interesting Salary Database

USA Today has posted an interactive database that allows you to examine the salaries and actual contracts of almost every division 1-A college coach. This database can be found at:

Some interesting facts I noted from this source:

  • Butch Davis has the 4th highest base salary in the NCAA. This is before he signed his new extension that takes his salary over 2 million annually.
  • Tom O'Brien has to opportunity to make 850,000 in bonuses; the fourth highest amount in the NCAA
  • Butch Davis is the second highest paid coach in the ACC and 13th highest paid in the NCAA
  • Pete Carroll is paid all his salary up front. No bonuses or other sources of income.

After quickly going through Tom O'Brien's contract here are some quick points

  • For every six year period when the football team's graduation rate is above 55% O'Brien receives $50,000.
  • Every time NC State goes to a non BCS bowl O'Brien receives $50,000.
  • Every time NC State goes to the ACC championship game O'Brien receives $100,000 dollars.
  • Every time NC State wins the ACC championship or goes to a BCS bowl game O'Brien receives an additional $200,000 dollars
  • TOB gets $50,000 dollars for winning 5 ACC games. Then he gets another $50,000 dollars for winning 6 games and again for 7 ACC wins. The bonuses for ACC wins cannot exceed $200,000.
  • When NC State finishes the season ranked in the polls, TOB receives a bonus based on where in those polls they stand.
  • TOB's buy out is equal to $360,000 X the number of years left on his contract. If TOB left today to accept another job he would have to pay State $2,160,000.

Personally I love TOB's contract. He gets paid a great annual salary but has the added incentive to make a ton of extra money if he graduates his players and gets the results on the field. Knowing how TOB cared before at BC about his players graduating and how he built a program that preformed as well as it did this year how can you help but not be excited.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bowden Staying At Clemson, Grobe Considers Talking To Michigan, Duke and GT

Early this morning the word going around was that Clemson's coach Tommy Bowden was in talks with Arkansas about their head coaching vacancy. Considering the scrutiny Bowden has come under the last couple seasons about his teams lack of consistency, and the fact that he is one of two coaches in division I who was been at a team for at least 9 seasons and not won a conference championship, this story seemed like it might have some chance of actually happening. Now it appears Bowden used the Arkansas job as leverage in hopes of getting a raise and a contract extension from Clemson. And Clemson gave it to him. Despite many Clemson fans hoping for a change in leadership, Bowden has taken a contract extension that will keep him at Death Valley through 2012 and pay him an annual salary of 2.2 million. According to ESPN,

"He was gone this morning," a source told's Mark Schlabach. "He was just looking for more stability. He's excited about the team he's got coming back and the recruiting class coming in. They have good momentum and he and his family are happy there."

With one ACC coach secure another might be getting a call soon. Jim Grobe, head coach at Wake Forest, seems to be on everyone's list as a possible candidate for the Michigan Wolverines head coaching position. In a recent interview Grobe commented that,

"I'm happy here, I think our fans understand that. I don't know that there's not another move for me, but I'm not out chasing that move around. I'm not going after it. I'm not opposed to talking to people if they're interested in what we've done here at Wake Forest, but we've got a good situation at Wake Forest."

Now it seems as though Michigan is eyeing Ball St. head coach Brady Hoke.

The Blue Devils position is still open and they really want Paul Johnson to fill it. Johnson is the head coach at Navy and has done a great job getting the most out of his recruits. Johnson's Midshipmen lead the nation in rushing at over 350 yards per game and have made a habit of going to bowl games. Duke has held meetings with Johnson and are willing to pay their coach next around 1 million annually but Johnson is keeping his options open.

Georgia Tech is looking to the next level to find their coach. The front runner for the GT job is Rich Neuheisel, currently the offensive coordinator at the Baltimore Ravens. Georgia Tech might have some competion now that Neuheisel's alma matter UCLA has a vacancy at their head football coaching position.

Monday, December 3, 2007

O'Brien's Name Being Thrown Around At Michigan

I'm excited TOB is at State. I think he can turn our ship around. I think he can bring in great recruits that will perform on the field and in the class room. I think he can bring us conference championships and BCS bowl berths. Apparently so does Michigan. At least his name is being tossed around in Ann Arbor. According to Tom Dienhart at the Sporting News,

"Two other interesting names recently were dropped in my lap: N.C. State's Tom O'Brien and Missouri's Gary Pinkel.

O'Brien has been at N.C. State just one season, but he is a perfect fit in Ann Arbor. He's a Navy grad who has coached at high-minded academic schools such as Virginia (as an assistant) and Boston College (as head coach). Plus, O'Brien is one of the nation's best coaches."

Thankfully people at Michigan don't seem to excited by this prospect. Scott Bell at the Michigan Daily (UM's student newspaper) reports that,

"To be completely honest, none of the potential candidates inspire too much excitement. Tom O'Brien? Jim Grobe? Greg Schiano? Even Jeff Tedford doesn't sound like a sexy hire after California's embarrassing second-half collapse."

Let's hope Michigan's AD shares this sentiment and doesn't become to interested in TOB's services.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


After another exciting college football season that included everything from App St. beating the winningest football program in history, to a top 5 team losing to an unraked opponent 13 times, to a WAC team going undefeated again and pulling out some really exciting wins, to Stanford (a 44 point underdog) upsetting USC, to the top 2 teams in the nation losing on the final day, and countless other exciting moments that can only be witnessed in college football, we are once again faced with the reality that the season will end on a down note. The BCS is once again ruining another thrilling season with a bowl process that leaves us all wanting more. Here are some of my biggest problems with this years selections.

- How did LSU jump ahead of VT. I am not forgetting the beating LSU gave VT back in September but look what has happened in the last two days. VT was ranked 6th with a BCS rating of .7811 going into this weekend while LSU was right behind them at #7 with a rating of .7744. VT then beat #11 ranked Boston College by 14 while LSU beat #14 ranked Tennessee by 7. This week, LSU comes in at #2 with an average rating of .9394 with VT finished at #3 with a rating of .8703. LSU jumped 5 positions and gained .165 points in the ratings while VT jumped 3 spots and gained .0959 points in the ratings. LSU gained .0691 more points that VT while beating a lower ranked team by less points. How in the world is this possible.

-So sorry MIZZOU. Missouri was the number one team going into the weekend coming off a great game aganist the then #1 Kansas Jayhawks. But Missouri fell short in the Big XII championship game against #9 Oklahoma for the second time this season. Missouri lost the conference title and had to hope to receive an at large bid to get into a BCS game. The invite never came. Instead, Kansas got a bid. That's not the worst of it. Illinois, a three loss team who lost to Missouri earlier in the season also got a bid. Are you telling me a team ranked #6 in this weeks BCS poll, ranked 2 spots higher than Kansas, ranked 7 spots higher than Illinois, doesn't get a bid. When you factor in the fact that Kansas has the 106th toughest schedule (out of 119), and they don't even have a win against anyone who even received a vote to be placed in the top 25, tells me that something is not quite right with the system in place.

- The Ohio State Luckeyes. I realize Ohio State has a pretty good team. They won 11 games in a major conference and beat the likes of Wisconsin, Michigan and Penn State. But they also played the 75th toughest schedule in the nation. Perhaps my biggest problem with OSU being given a spot in the title game is the fact that they did not play. For the past two weeks they have been sitting on their butts back in Columbus hoping and praying for a scenario just like this. They don't have a tough title game added on to the end of their schedule so why are they rewarded for doing nothing. I think a playoff would be a perfect end of season test to tell how good these buckeyes really are. Also it will be interesting to see if they get this special treatment again if they get blown out like they did last year.

So those are my major problems with how the current BCS system has played out. Now for the real question. What system could be put in place that would reveal who the best team in college football is. Here is my solution

-An 8 team playoff. The first round would put the #1 team playing the #8 team, the #2 team versus the #7 team, the #3 team versus the #6 team, and the #4 versus the #5. These bowls would retain the names of the current BCS bowls. In round 2 the highest ranked team remaining would face the lowest ranked team remaining with the two teams left facing off in the other round two game. Finally, the winners of these two games would face off in the National Championship.

-The conference champion from the 6 major conferences (ACC, SEC, PAC 10, Big XII, Big 10, and the Big East) automatically get a bid to play in the tournament. The final two spots would be filled by at large teams.

-The problems a system like this solves
1) You're no longer arguing about who the #1 and #2 teams are which is far more controversial than arguing about who the #8 and #9 teams are.

2) The regular season still matters. The added bonus to win the conference championship would push teams excite fans.

3) Money. Those lousy corporate heads that are sucking all the fun out of college football would be able to make even more money now because there are three more huge games to sell out.

4) Its a college football playoff!!! Whats not exciting about that!!! Each week the best teams in the nation face off to determine who gets to go on to another exciting game against another of the nations best!!!


So after reading countless blogs and articles about NC State, the ACC and other sports issues I have decided that I wanted to voice my opinion. So here it is. The Brick Yard Pack. A blog dedicated to covering NC State athletics and any other sports related stories I desire to comment on. I'll be surprised if anyone starts to read this on a regular basis but I hope to present some different views and spark some conversation with other sports enthusiasts.